Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to add Facebook Interests to your iPhone Navigation Menu!

I couldn't easily or intuitively figure it out in the app, and I just happened to stumble on the fix...

  • Login to on a computer
  • Point your mouse over your "Interest" you want to add in the navigation on the left hand side.
  • click the pencil to the left and "add to favorites".
  • It will add to the "Favorites" section of your navigation.
  • Now check your iPhone and it's there too!



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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beer Flights in and around NYC

Bar Name Qty Ounces Price
Iron Monkey 6 3 $12
Barcade (Jersey City) 5 5 $15
Coopers Craft & Kitchen 4 5 $12
Valhalla 5 5 $19
Good Beer 4 4 $8
Rattle N Hum 4 4 $10
Breukelen Bier Merchants 4 5 $8
Top Hops 4 $8.75
Brass Rail 4x+1pt / 8x 4 $14
Rye House 3 3 $10
George Keeley 4 3 $10
Jimmy's No. 43 4 3 $8
David Copperfield's 5 8 $18.95
One Mile House 4 5

$10 (+$1 specialty) 


Flights Not Offered:
Pony Bar
Mudville 9
Cork City
Spitzer's Corner
Blind Tiger
Growler Station
The Diamond (Brooklyn)
Barcade (Brooklyn)


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

hud tapi not installing / hanging - fixed

I had a weird issue where my fonality HUD tapi client wasn’t installing… it would sit at installing and never do anything.  I fired up Process Explorer (by Sysinternals), found the installer process (I think the name was tapi_installer.exe (on my system it was tapi_installer_x64.exe), and noticed it was “Suspended”.  I clicked right-clicked, and  hit “resume”, and the installer authenticator popped up.  Once I said yes to the installation, everything installed successfully.  Drove me crazy, and didn’t find any posts on it, so I figured I would post a quick one.  Hope this helps someone.


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