Sunday, November 15, 2009

Using Readability with Mouse Gestures in Firefox - a definite time-saver

I love this, I have firegestures set up to display using readability with a quick gesture, it’s quickly becoming my favorite gesture! I find it to be pretty much essential. It’s simple to do:
1. Add a keyword to your readability bookmark, I use ‘rab’.
2. Go into your firegestures options and click on ‘Add Script.
3. Name the script ‘Readability’, in the Script field enter:
Attach it to a gesture, I use ‘D’.
That said, every now and then I run into a page that isn’t rendered correctly, such as this one:
The first paragraph isn’t on the readabilityized version.

I love this comment... I always go searching for it, and sometimes I can't even remember where it is at all... So, I'm posting this here for easy recollection

I use the mouse gesture "UP" to make any page I'm reading "readable".... quick and easy!

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